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Created by Lena NW featuring Costcodreamgurl & frenz 

Seduce your classmates while the world around you crumbles! Resist temptation while attempting sanity! Go to prom and become a decadent slave to your desires! Confront mortality and make erotic fan art! Rap battle to save your soul! Cease to exist but make it sexy!

CONTENT WARNING//SPOILER ALERT:  graphic cartoon depictions of violence, sex, sexual violence, mild incest, ephebophilia, animal cruelty, tasteful bestiality, suicide, self harm, mental illness, drug abuse, sexualization of school shooters, reference to real-life atrocity, desecration of iconic childhood cartoon characters, amateur voice acting, cultural appropriation, typos, sick rhymes, a coping strategy… 

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Nightmare Temptation Academy is a dating-simulation/choose your own adventure/roleplaying game and rap musical. The game is set in high school in an alternate universe at the end of the world. Visual tropes from anime, videogames and early 2000’s digital culture are referenced and remixed to evoke nostalgia and further allegorize the uniquely Millennial adolescent experience of apathy, desensitization, and confusion caused by first-generation internet addiction and media oversaturation. A binary dialogue decision-making gameplay expresses the protagonist’s struggles with intrusive thoughts and managing impulsivity.  This character-driven gameplay also explores group dynamics, relationships, morality, sexuality, consent, and manipulation. The soundtrack is original, written and performed by the developer Lena NW.

The last five half-human half-animals alive (the dominant sentient species) all go to high school together. This nameless high school is ruled by a machine; the purpose of the machine is unknown, as its creators and relevance of the machine to a larger civilization have been obliterated long ago. In fact, this high school rests on the verge of total annihilation surrounded by the endless abyss of oblivion. The machine glitches as it deteriorates. Despite the complete futility of living on; the students are forced to continue attending high school because they are brainwashed and sedated by the machine. The students are unable to fully grasp their circumstances, having no context for where they are in time or space, so they continue to enact the trifling social interactions typical of high schoolers.

 A MAZE. Festival 2020 Most Amazing AwardIndieCade 2019 Night Games Award

You (the player/protagonist) are a depressed, anxious, suicidal, alienated 14-year-old girl. You were spawned from a post-mordial goop; the spirits, the debris, the carcasses, the residue of all that once was. The ghostly spirits that reared you, raped you in the process of creating you. You live your life carrying the weight of the trauma that is your entire existence; intrusive thoughts and impulses are ghosts that possess you.  Your behavior and the relationships you form with characters as the collective crisis point culminates is up to you (unless of course... you sell your soul).

CREDITS: Concept, story, dialogue, lyrics, performances, music videos, characters, environment, graphics, animation, and implementation by Lena NW WITH KEY CONTRIBUTORS: Costcodreamgurl (minigames, environment, graphics), Moon Bounce (music production, voice acting), Push Push (voice acting, vocal performance), PhaZero (voice acting), Clara Bizna$$ (voice acting, vocal performance), Clarissa Allie (voice acting), Fifty Grand (instrumentals), Rozz Dyliams (instrumentals), Teen Girl Squad (instrumentals)


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Hey, I love your games but I cannot play this one.

Even when on the desktop and with 7zip it's failing to open the archive.

Hmm, I'm not sure what the solution is as I haven't seen this issue before. Have you tried it on multiple computers? Sorry T_T I want help you be able to play!

Yeah so I've tried to download the archive multiple time and on multiple computers but it's not extracting.

I've ran it against WinZip repair tool and DiskInternals Zip Repair as well but each time files were missing.

I don't think it's an issue with my computer but rather with the ZIP itself. If you can could you please try to upload a new one (pretty please)?

What does the error message on 7Zip say? I downloaded and extracted it the other day and it worked okay. :)

My 7Zip did give me a warning that looked like and error, but I let it finish extracting and it worked without any problems.


Update: I'm a dumb bitch. My CLI version of 7z was the latest but my GUI one was still the 16.4. Updated and everything is now fine.

Sorry about all this.

Thank goodness!!! Ur not a dumb binch clearly because  ur playing this game which is 4 intellectuals ^_^ glad u were able to figure out coz i didnt know what to do >.< 

Thanks girll! Let's so be BFFs like totally right now!

<3 ru on twitter???

the .zip is a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub it the right way

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Sat down and played this in one sitting, then I went to sleep and the songs played in my dreams over and over, totally engrossing. It's hard to put this experience into words, but it's horrifying, beautiful, disturbing and compelling all at once. 


Thank you!! <3

Would love to play this game, but when I download it, it says the file is invalid and I'm unable to unzip it. Any ideas on that, or another way to download it? I'm on windows. 

Hey! Try this! Lmk if it works:

If the ZIP file will not open, move it to the desktop.

Then use 7-zip to open it. Select “extract” through 7-zip.

Download 7-zip here: https://www.7-zip.org/


oh, that totally worked! thanks so much, can't wait to play!

how do i get diff endings ))':


This may just be one of the most fucked up games I've ever played but I love it. It's definitely unique, especially for a dating simulator. 


thank you for making something so fucking twisted


this game is amazing. the feelings are unique and its worth the time. i dont think ive played something this good 

(1 edit) (+1)

im still thinking about it and i cant wait to experience it again. 5/5 :D (also i would love an ending guide to see if i missed anything! i love these characters and it would be really cool to see them in something else.) 


A beautiful fever dream of a shitpost, It made my mouth smile, it made my head hurt, I loved every second of it! Riley is best girl.

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Hello, nice game, nice graphics. such strang game, but in a good way :).  I'm a programmer looking for a graphic designer or a team to join and maybe work on new games, are you interested?
my LudumDare Game:


help ;-;


i would help you, but don't know how


I Was just searching for something to masturbate to. I feel a bit like trash now, but that's the spirit! It Was so good. I felt drunk reliving Night In The Woods